Inscription, part 2

30 April 2012

The last two week have brought a lot of change both IRL and in Wow, not the least of which is that I got married, and I passed on the mantle of Guild Leader. More musings on both those things will probably be in order, once I’ve had the chance to sit down, breathe a little, and ask myself, “How the hell did I end up here?”

For now I want to go back to talking about inscription, that wonderpony profession that has made the fortunes of so many gold makers. It took me a long time to make the plunge into inscription because there seemed to be so much to learn — over 300 glyphs, for starters. The time and energy commitment seemed phenomenal, as well, with serious scribes having 3 AH toons dedicated to nothing but glyph selling.

Unfortunately, I only have 1 account, and like creating alts too much to dedicate 3 character slots to glyph selling. I also don’t have the patience to really spend more than an hour or so every day on crafting and posting, across all of my professions. My inscription routine is designed to fit into those constraints. Here is what I’ve been doing. It has been very effective at minimizing my time commitment while still managing to make some profit from inscription.

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Is inscription dead?

14 April 2012

Total gold right now: 527k. Still maintaining a pretty respectable rate of growth — roughly 43k/week since last update. Oh, and I bought a Chopper, though that’s pretty minor as far as splurging goes. The amount of splurging will probably rise very dramatically as my main gets closer to finishing the Mountain o’ Mounts achieve.

This week’s gold update is sponsored by the inscription profession. I picked up inscription on my paladin two months ago, when it looked like I might have to make her my new main because our raid needed a holy paladin very badly. I chose it mainly because I really hate Deepholm, but also because I was curious to try it out as a gold making profession. Ever since the start of Cata, people have been in mourning for the inscription profession, citing cutthroat competition, barrier to entry, the devaluing of Darkmoon Cards, the permanent glyph change in 4.0.1, and the high time commitment requirement as the reasons for its death.

Let’s see how well these hold up for my newbie scribe.

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