Meet the newest member of my family:

We combed through most of the stores in Chinatown before finding it: an 8″ solid granite mortar and pestle. There was a sticker on it that said “Made in Thailand”. All of my readings pointed to Thai granite mortar and pestles as being the most well made, economical and effective method for grinding spices. Being in Canada, “economical” is a somewhat relative term — this guy costed me $45 plus tax, while similar sized granite mortars and pestles allegedly go for $20 in American Chinatowns. But a suribachi costs $70 here (plus ~$8 or so for the surikogi) and the Bay sells a Cuisinart blade coffee grinder for $50, about twice what it retails for in the U.S., so I guess $45 is pretty good.

With this in our kitchen, I am finally able to venture into a new cuisine that I’ve been wanting to try making at home for a long time: Ethiopian food.

Berbere paste recipeĀ 

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