Where to now?

16 June 2012

So I seem to have almost totally lost interest in World of Warcraft. This is the result of a combination of many things. One is my husband deciding to quit right after our wedding — since the beginning, we have always played together, and it’s very weird to log in without him now, knowing that I won’t ever have him DPSing at my side again. The second is that, well, it has been 2.5 years. I’ve achieved everything in this game that mattered to me. I’ve gotten very, very good at raiding; I’m pretty sure I’d be good enough to get into any of the world top 50 guilds, were I so inclined, and were they recruiting hunters. I’ve gotten pretty damn decent at PVP. I am going to hit the gold cap either tomorrow or Sunday, 1 month ahead of schedule. I’ve created my perfect transmog outfit and farmed it up. After that, this game is done for me. I’m not interested in achievements or pet hunting, and I’ve seen everything else.

Where to now? Well, for starters, I’m eyeing the much-hyped Guild Wars 2 with increasing excitement. I’ve pre-purchased it, and had a blast last weekend in the beta event — probably more fun than I’ve had in the last 4 months in Wow. Its worlds is new, beautiful, exciting, engaging. I like the flexibility of the character building system. I like the combat style. I like the PVP. I like… well, am ambivalent to the idea of there being no real opportunity for “hardcore” raiding.

I am keeping Clearing Trash as I still like the name. This blog will be about other things now, including, yes, sometimes, Guild Wars.


Inscription, part 2

30 April 2012

The last two week have brought a lot of change both IRL and in Wow, not the least of which is that I got married, and I passed on the mantle of Guild Leader. More musings on both those things will probably be in order, once I’ve had the chance to sit down, breathe a little, and ask myself, “How the hell did I end up here?”

For now I want to go back to talking about inscription, that wonderpony profession that has made the fortunes of so many gold makers. It took me a long time to make the plunge into inscription because there seemed to be so much to learn — over 300 glyphs, for starters. The time and energy commitment seemed phenomenal, as well, with serious scribes having 3 AH toons dedicated to nothing but glyph selling.

Unfortunately, I only have 1 account, and like creating alts too much to dedicate 3 character slots to glyph selling. I also don’t have the patience to really spend more than an hour or so every day on crafting and posting, across all of my professions. My inscription routine is designed to fit into those constraints. Here is what I’ve been doing. It has been very effective at minimizing my time commitment while still managing to make some profit from inscription.

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Is inscription dead?

14 April 2012

Total gold right now: 527k. Still maintaining a pretty respectable rate of growth — roughly 43k/week since last update. Oh, and I bought a Chopper, though that’s pretty minor as far as splurging goes. The amount of splurging will probably rise very dramatically as my main gets closer to finishing the Mountain o’ Mounts achieve.

This week’s gold update is sponsored by the inscription profession. I picked up inscription on my paladin two months ago, when it looked like I might have to make her my new main because our raid needed a holy paladin very badly. I chose it mainly because I really hate Deepholm, but also because I was curious to try it out as a gold making profession. Ever since the start of Cata, people have been in mourning for the inscription profession, citing cutthroat competition, barrier to entry, the devaluing of Darkmoon Cards, the permanent glyph change in 4.0.1, and the high time commitment requirement as the reasons for its death.

Let’s see how well these hold up for my newbie scribe.

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This past week has been exceedingly stressful. We’re a tiny 10-man raiding guild — and when I say tiny, I mean, we have 40 characters in the guild. More than half of those are alts. Of the individual accounts we have, aside from the core raiders, there are four social members and one semi-raider who sometimes fills in when he has the time.

This week, we lost two of those core raiders, including one full-time healer who was one of our founding members, and her friend, our maintank. And not in a nice, “It was great playing with you but we need to focus on our families/work/puppies now” way — it was drawn out (over three days), dramatic, with nasty whispers escalating in abusiveness levelled at the raid leader until I finally gkicked and banned them both from our forums. Then they went away, but not before a final, resoundingly sarcastic, “Good luck on Warmaster without us.”

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The gold making game

25 March 2012

In the latter days of patch 3.3.5, I stumbled upon a blog called Stokpile and ended up reading through all its archived entries in the span of a day. It was written by a Wow player who had reached 1 million gold (back when the gold cap was 200k-ish). I’d never even thought about this side of the game before, but as soon as I found out about it, I was addicted to the idea of gold capping.

Then I had a big falling out with my guild, and ended up server transferring and playing as a guildless vagabond for a few months, before server transferring again, and then losing interest in the game, and then coming back and server transferring yet again, and then starting a tiny friends and family guild which fell apart for way too many reasons to list, and then server transferring a fourth time. Constantly uprooting yourself is a really bad way to make money….

Enough blathering, here are some numbers:

  • December 2011: I settled on Proudmoore with about 50k gold in my bags and decided to start gold making in earnest.
  • Early February: I was at 270k gold.
  • Mid February: the era of gold setbacks. First, the Blazing Drake dropped, and I had to buy it from the guy who won the roll for 65k. Then I started a raiding group with some friends, and bought a high level guild for 80k for us to move into. The excitement of creating a new raiding guild also ate up about 2 weeks of my profits. I am down to 170k by the end of all this.
  • 25 March 2012 (today): sitting at a comfortable 408k right now.

That’s more or less a 40k increase per week since mid February. If I manage to keep these numbers up and curb my mountlust, I should be at gold cap in 15 weeks.