Inscription, part 2

30 April 2012

The last two week have brought a lot of change both IRL and in Wow, not the least of which is that I got married, and I passed on the mantle of Guild Leader. More musings on both those things will probably be in order, once I’ve had the chance to sit down, breathe a little, and ask myself, “How the hell did I end up here?”

For now I want to go back to talking about inscription, that wonderpony profession that has made the fortunes of so many gold makers. It took me a long time to make the plunge into inscription because there seemed to be so much to learn — over 300 glyphs, for starters. The time and energy commitment seemed phenomenal, as well, with serious scribes having 3 AH toons dedicated to nothing but glyph selling.

Unfortunately, I only have 1 account, and like creating alts too much to dedicate 3 character slots to glyph selling. I also don’t have the patience to really spend more than an hour or so every day on crafting and posting, across all of my professions. My inscription routine is designed to fit into those constraints. Here is what I’ve been doing. It has been very effective at minimizing my time commitment while still managing to make some profit from inscription.

1. Every two days or so, I do an AH scan, and craft one of each glyph that is selling for over 50g, if I don’t already have one listed. The 50g threshold ensures that I don’t end up with too many glyphs to fit into my bag. My banker has 2x Royal Scribe’s Satchel, and for the most part that seems to be enough to fit everything. I’m thinking of raising this to two glyphs, though, as frequently I’ll sell an 80 gold glyph in the first posting, and I end up losing out on potential profit if I don’t craft another and post it right away. Of course, frequently they also don’t sell for a few days, and my competitors undercut it down to very low. That’s okay, too. I always keep posting until it goes below my threshold of 18g. (Unfortunately on my overpopulated server, that can happen pretty fast)

2. My threshold for buying herbs is 5.5g per Blackfallow Ink. I mill large batches of herbs twice a week or so. I usually do this while watching movies and use AutoHotkey to send my keystrokes to Wow while tabbed out, so this part is really very low-energy.

3. Darkmoon Cards: this is a new thing that I just started experimenting with last month, as a way to use up all those Inferno Inks that don’t seem to sell all that well anymore. I craft them all into Darkmoon Cards and sell the resulting trinkets after the Darkmoon Faire leaves town. I also sell the raw cards on the AH — they take a few reposts to sell, but people do buy them if they need the card to complete a deck. A DMC trinket costs 1920g to make, assuming I have made all of the cards myself, and sells anywhere from 2000g (for the Earthquake cards) to 9000g (for the Tsunami). I am also not shy about buying cards from the AH to complete a deck if I am close to finishing one; this does cut the profits a bit lower. This market has surprised me with how fun and profitable it is, even this late in the expansion. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s going to last much longer, but there is probably a good two months still before it dies completely. Getting new Darkmoon Cards is probably one of the most exciting things about Mists.

4. Other miscellaneous things: before I gave up the position of GM, I used to stock the guild bank with Fortune Cookies. Our raiders used them instead of feasts during raids, and we tended to go through hundreds of them every week. That ate up quite a lot of my herb supply. The new GM doesn’t want to use fortune cookies, so now I find myself with hundreds more inks than I used to have every week. I have started to experiment with selling Mysterious Fortune Cards (still as popular as ever, but with lots of competitors), Fortune Cookies (these sell like hotcakes on raid nights), Dusts of Disappearance (6g each — not going to make anyone rich, but easy to sell). I am also selling Certificates of Ownership. It’s been fun barking these in trade. Not a lot of people know that hunter pets can be renamed more than once. Very frequently, people message me to thank me for telling them.

Here are some numbers from the last month:

Glyphs: 18449g 67s 21c
Darkmoon trinkets: 13584g 90s 50c
Individual Darkmoon cards: 5373g 76s 43c
Other misc sales (mostly Fortune Cookies):  5299g 64s 2c

Total inscription-related sales: 42709g 98s 16c

Total sales last month from all sources: 419347g 22s 45c

Still a pretty small part of my income, but it’ll grow. With the expansion winding down and bored raiders turning to making new alts, I expect it’ll grow quite a lot.


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