The gold making game

25 March 2012

In the latter days of patch 3.3.5, I stumbled upon a blog called Stokpile¬†and ended up reading through all its archived entries in the span of a day. It was written by a Wow player who had reached 1 million gold (back when the gold cap was 200k-ish). I’d never even thought about this side of the game before, but as soon as I found out about it, I was addicted to the idea of gold capping.

Then I had a big falling out with my guild, and ended up server transferring and playing as a guildless vagabond for a few months, before server transferring again, and then losing interest in the game, and then coming back and server transferring yet again, and then starting a tiny friends and family guild which fell apart for way too many reasons to list, and then server transferring a fourth time. Constantly uprooting yourself is a really bad way to make money….

Enough blathering, here are some numbers:

  • December 2011: I settled on Proudmoore with about 50k gold in my bags and decided to start gold making in earnest.
  • Early February: I was at 270k gold.
  • Mid February: the era of gold setbacks. First, the Blazing Drake dropped, and I had to buy it from the guy who won the roll for 65k. Then I started a raiding group with some friends, and bought a high level guild for 80k for us to move into. The excitement of creating a new raiding guild also ate up about 2 weeks of my profits. I am down to 170k by the end of all this.
  • 25 March 2012 (today): sitting at a comfortable 408k right now.

That’s more or less a 40k increase per week since mid February. If I manage to keep these numbers up and curb my mountlust, I should be at gold cap in 15 weeks.



25 March 2012

I am starting this blog because I’ve been wanting a place to put my thoughts.

Why “Clearing Trash”? Because blogs are a place to clear the thoughts from one’s brain. Also, clearing trash is what you do as a build up to fighting a boss. I don’t know what boss it is that my blog is intended to have me fight, exactly, but I like the image — like an artist clearing his studio as he prepares to start on a new painting. Except cleaning isn’t usually so violent, I guess.

Other names I toyed with were “Raiding Real Life” and “Lises are OP” or “Nerf Lise.” I rejected “Raiding Real Life” because it gave the impression of a former hardcore raider who was now tackling big, real life challenges with skills that he gained through Wow, which, while it could make a very interesting blog, doesn’t really apply to me.

“Lises are OP” and “Nerf Lise” come from doing random dungeons with pugs. Every so often, no matter what class I’m playing, I have people who like to tell me that my class is OP. It usually goes something like this:

Lise: *brings an undergeared dps into a random dungeon and proceeds to rip up the DPS meters*
Pug 1: WTF, how is that [class] doing so much dps in ilevel 353?
Pug 2: lol [class] is OP.

I joke to my guildies that these pugs need to get it right; it’s not hunters, mages, warlocks or paladins that are OP, but Lises.

But I liked “Clearing Trash” better as a title in the end. So, welcome to Clearing Trash!